teenage Drug Screens in COLORADO on the rise

Adolescent Substance Use: America’s #1 Public Health Problem

Drug use increasing, teens think since it's legal in Colorado for adults it's ok for them to use.
Frequency of use increasing
Potency of use increasing by 20%
Teen attitudes on dangers of drugs declining
Prescription & designer drugs now the rage.


it won't happen to my children...right???

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 Benefits  of Psychemedics School Drug Testing Programs

Higher Academic Performance
Increased Daily Attendance Rates
Created a Tangible Deterrent Program
Identified Students Needing Intervention
Positive Impact on Morale
Increased Enrollment
Higher Standardized Test Scores
Improved Behavior from Students

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More Teens using drugs at school – survey finds

60% of high school students and 32% of middle school students say students keep, use or sell drugs on their school grounds.
36% say it’s easy or fairly easy for students to use drugs or smoke without getting caught.
Teens estimate that 17% of classmates use drugs, drink or smoke during the school day.
Almost half of high school students know a student who sells drugs at their school.
More than half of high school students say there’s a place on school grounds or near the school where students go to drink, use drugs or smoke during the school day.